I was born in Iowa and moved to Arizona at 19, trading corn for cactus. I got a degree in Biology, major studies in Oceanography, but instead of going into that field I opened an old-fashioned photography studio at Old Tucson Movie Studios. After three years photographing tourists in funny clothes I left and started David Bean Photography in Tucson. Over the years I have had a chance to work in many areas of the photography field, always looking for new creative challenges. In that time I have worked with Presidents and politicians, sports figures and actors, as well as corporate executives and their employees. I've photographed forest fires from helicopters for the forest service, climbers from the sides of mountains and sea turtles at 60 feet off of Maui. What's great about photography is that new each assignment is like a new job, every day offers a new experience. I get a chance to work with people who are as committed to their businesses as I am to mine.

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